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Hypnotic Procedures
Large Groups
Self Exploration
Group Workshops
Building confidence
Releasing Stress
Forgiving self and others
Emotional Empowerment for Healing
Getting relief from Insomnia
Chakras and Chakra Energizing
Exploring previous lives

Each of these workshops is meant for groups of between 10 to 15 persons and is conducted over 3 hours. These are designed to introduce participants to the concepts. A participant with any specific problem would need to follow up with Individual Therapy.

These can also be combined with other small group methods to provide deeper exploration possibilities

Individual Therapy
Individual Therapy is meant for working at a subconscious level. These can help in;
Handling Depression
Getting rid of Fears and Phobias
Detailed Chakra Reading and Healing
Finding Peace through Forgiveness
Releasing hidden Potential
Relationship Counselling
Healing Inner Children
Exploring Past Lives
Management of Pain
Allergy Management
Relieving Chronic Ailments like Asthma
Physical / Sexual Dysfunction
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