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Training Programmes
Some Unique Training Programmes offered by us
Enhancing Personal Effectiveness
The participants go through a series of structured exercises followed by free flowing unstructured work. This helps participants reflect on the exercises to gain insight into their own behavioural patterns and the effect it has on others around them. It also enables them to experiment on modified behaviours and find ones that enhance their own effectiveness.
Peace Within
The programme employs experiential training methods to get in touch with the existing stress. Several games and exercises that form a part of the programme are designed to draw out tension while at the same time ensuring fun for the participants. An array of sensory inputs are provided to the participants to get in touch with their innate creativity and the effect that it has on them. The participants spend time with others as well as alone with themselves in a variety of activities to find inner peace.
Intimate Space
Participants go through a process of discovery of self and their closest relationship. The workshop uses communication exercises, emotional discovery, meditation, group discussions and self introspection. Continuous feedback provided by the facilitators and other group members help in clarifying misconceptions that may have held each person back earlier.
Women’s Way
This workshop reconnects women with their inner potential and wisdom, and frees them from any gender entrapments that constrain their voice, authority, and leadership potential. It provides scope to address the interconnectedness between mind, body, and spirit in order to empower the self and enhance leadership capabilities. It is designed to be a celebration of the self, and a time of renewal and rejuvenation.
Some other Training Programmes
Achieving Together
Enhancing Personal Effectiveness
Young Adults
Peace Within
Positive Strokes
Human Process Laboratory
Appreciating Self
Life Positive
Many other programmes can be tailor made for specific needs
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