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To “Heal” is to make whole. A person is said to be ailing when she / he is not whole; could be mentally or physically.

Have you ever thought yourself as ailing because you have only two hands? The great majority of people have also never done so. Yet when a person loses one of his hands, he or she could become completely incapacitated , often more in the mind than in the body. Many people who are differently abled, go about their lives without giving it a second thought. Many also become completely obsessed with the apparent lack.
A tiny difference at the level of our thought can translate into increasingly larger differences at the level of Feelings, Energy and Physical Action. A person can then move become emotionally disturbed, lack or have excess energy or even manifest diseases in the physical body.

Although healing is possible at all levels, it takes least effort and time to treat a person at the level of thought or feelings. At Learning Associates we do just that. We heal people through Hypnotherapy, Counseling and other such behavioural inputs. No drugs are used in any of the processes delivered by us.
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